Sale! Pretty Enamel Dachshund Art Necklace
Pretty Enamel Dachshund Art Necklace

If you love dachshunds you'll adore this pretty dachshund necklace!

  • Available in 6 base colors.
  • Charm size is 2.7" long and 1.5" tall and necklace is 18" in length.
  • Made from colored enamel zinc alloy with beautiful detailed designs on each piece.
  • It's like wearing a piece of art and would make the perfect gift!
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Sale! Quality Rear Seat Cover
Quality Rear Seat Cover
This quality rear seat cover will not only protect your seat but will keep your dog safe and comfortable as well!
  • Made from strong Oxford fabric with cotton padding layers and is waterproof so spills and mud will just wipe off.
  • Size is 58 in x 54 in and 0.28 in thick.
  • The underneath is made from a mesh material which prevents slipping so your cover stays in place.
  • The straps which go around the headrest are fully adjustable and fastened with a buckle so it should fit most vehicles.
  • Also has slits for the seat belt buckles to slip through so you can easily secure your dog's harness.
  • Protects your car seat from claw marks, pet hair, sand and dirt.
  • Great for after a day at the beach or a hike in the country.
  • It's easy to fit and take out so you can even use it as a picnic blanket if you're caught without one!
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Sale! Quick Release Dog Harness
Quick Release Dog Harness
Designed for larger dogs, this quick release harness will make walking comfortable for both you and your dog!
  • You can attach your lead either to the back or the front.
  • The front attachment is great for dogs who like to pull as it will discourage pulling by bringing the dog back around to face you.
  • The harness is easy to put on and off with 2 quick release buckles.
  • The straps are fully adjustable to fit larger dogs.
  • It's padded making it super comfortable for your dog to wear.
  • The harness also features reflective trim making it safe for walking at night.
  • Available in 5 bright colors and 3 sizes.
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Sale! Red Check Rear Seat Cover
Red Check Rear Seat Cover
This attractive red check rear seat cover will keep your car seat clean and free from dog fur, claw marks, dirt and sand!
  • Easy to install in your car and just as easy to remove so you can also use it as a blanket while travelling.
  • Made from quality waterproof Oxford fabric which is machine washable.
  • Hurry - only 6 available at this price!
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Sale! Red Rear Seat Cover
Red Rear Seat Cover
This deluxe rear seat cover will protect your car seat from dirt, sand, claw marks and dog fur and it comes with a FREE safety belt to attach to your dogs harness!
  • Only available in vibrant red.
  • Made from quality Oxford fabric which is waterproof and washable.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • The sides can be zipped up or left down depending on your needs.
  • You can even use it on the sofa or as a blanket when travelling!
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Sale! Rhinestone Dog Paw Necklace
Rhinestone Dog Paw Necklace
This is absolutely the perfect gift for any dog lover!  Or just buy one for yourself!
  • The necklace is sterling silver plated with black and white crystal rhinestones on an 18" chain.
  • Looks stunning worn on black!
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Sale! Rhinestone Paw Print Charm – 2 Pieces
Rhinestone Paw Print Charm – 2 Pieces
These little rhinestone paw print charms are super cute and can be used in so many ways:
  • You can attach them to your pup's collar.
  • Put one on your key ring.
  • Attach one to your favorite hand bag or purse.
  • Available in 6 color combinations or you can have 2 of the same color if you wish.
  • Charm measures 1 1/2 inches x 3/4 inch.
  • Keep them both for yourself or give one to a special friend!
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Sale! Set of 10 Iron On Paw Print Patches
Set of 10 Iron On Paw Print Patches
These gorgeous embroidered paw print patches can be used in so many different ways!
  • Each patch measure 1.65 inches by 2 inches and you get a set of 10.
  • Very easy to apply - just iron on but remember to put a cloth on top of the patch before placing the hot iron on it.
  • You could iron these onto jeans, shirts, jackets, bags or cushions.
  • Great for covering small holes or tears to extend the life of your children's clothes.
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Sale! Silver Dog Bone Necklace
Silver Dog Bone Necklace
Tell the world you love dogs with this gorgeous dog bone necklace!  Would also make a great gift for any dog lover.
  • It's sterling silver plated with Cubic Zirconias on the ring.
  • The length of the chain is 18 inches.
  • Currently we have a lot of stock of this lovely necklace so we've reduced the price so you can benefit from the savings!
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Sale! Squeaky Chew & Treat Ball
Squeaky Chew & Treat Ball
Keep your dog amused and entertained for hours with this Squeaky Chew & Treat Ball!
  • Great for dogs who are food motivated and eat their treats too quickly.
  • With this ball your dog needs to work for his treats by moving the ball around until a treat falls out.
  • This also ensure that your dog is stimulated mentally by trying to work out how to get the treats out which is great if you're away from home and your dog gets bored and up to mischief!
  • The squeaker sound which is more like a 'quack' will also be fun & entertaining for your dog.
  • The ball is about 3 inches diameter so would probably suit small to medium sized dogs.
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Sale! Treat Bag With Free Clicker
Treat Bag With Free Clicker
With this handy treat pouch you can easily carry treats, waste bags, your mobile phone and keys all clipped to your belt!
  • Comes with a free clicker to help in training your dog.
  • The treat pocket closes with a drawstring keeping the treats fresh.
  • There's a pocket on the front for your keys and the clicker.
  • Another zippered pocket on the back of the pouch for your mobile phone and money.
  • Now all you need is to clip on the Pet Water Bottle and you can be off to the dog park!
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Sale! Treat Pouch With Belt
Treat Pouch With Belt
Keep your dog snacks fresh with this handy treat pouch!
  • The pouch has a drawstring closure so your dog treats stay nice and fresh.
  • The inner pouch is removable for easy washing and is attached with velcro.
  • There's a handy pocket on either side for your mobile phone, keys and other small items.
  • Comes with its own adjustable belt so all you need is the Portable Pet Water Bottle and you're ready to head out for a walk, the beach or the dog park!
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Sale! Waterproof Zebra Print Dog Bed
Waterproof Zebra Print Dog Bed
This stylish zebra print dog bed will not only look good in your home but will keep you dog warm and comfortable!
  • Made from waterproof Oxford fabric underneath and soft & cosy plush fabric on top.
  • Available in 3 sizes (size chart below)
  • Machine washable.
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Sale! Waving Dog Decal
Waving Dog Decal

Let this cute dog bring a smile to other motorists or pedestrians as you drive by whether it's on your back window or the passenger door!

  • This vinyl decal measures 5.5 inches by 4 inches.
  • It's waterproof, fade-resistant and self adhesive so it's simply to apply.  Just make sure the surface is clean and completely dry.
  • Of course you can also stick it on a wall or your laptop so might need 2!
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Sale! Yorkie Ankle Socks – Very Cute!
Yorkie Ankle Socks – Very Cute!

If you love Yorkies you won't be able to resist these very cute Yorkie socks!

  • Made from quality cotton/polyester fabric which is stretchy and comfortable.
  • One size fits all.
  • Low cut ankle style.
  • Machine and hand washable.
  • Print is the front only.
  • These would make a great gift for any dog lover!
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